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That mushy feeling everyone describes was in the air and the color red popped up around the town he lived in. The month of love had arrived and his town’s coolest plus the gloomiest hangouts wished to cash in on this bug that almost everyone wishes to be bitten at least once in their lifetime. But he was different. He loved that people around him were falling head over heels. All his friends wished that; he too should experience this feeling one enjoys, when one is with that someone special who lets you be you and simply loves even more for it. His friends tried their level best to set him up but he always politely declined.

He was indeed different; he just never felt the need for someone to fill some sort of void. He was very happy and content with his life. His job took most of his time. Reading books and writing took up rest of his time. He wished that he could give some of his time to volunteer work. He decided to volunteer at an animal shelter. His family and friends knew about his love and concern for animals. As a child he had a dog growing up but every since he passed away in a tragic accident; he somehow never really connected the same way and never had a pet since then.

He began volunteering on the weekends. He would play with the animals most rescue cats and dogs, feed them and nurse them back to good health with love and care. He was overjoyed when these once famished and injured animals found genuinely good homes when adopted. All the dogs and cats had found a home except this one dog that stayed gloomy all day and never showed any interest in playtime and just wanted to stay in all the time. He and the other volunteers had tried their best to cheer him up with toys and games but nothing really worked. He remembered that he had kept some of his first pet’s toys for remembrance. He decided to bring along his pet’s favorite squeaky ball and an old rope that he loved to chew on. He brought the toys in next day and let the dog have them. The dog had a smell of them and found the squeaky ball really amusing while the rope managed to finally get him out and play a little. The dog immediately started wagging its tail and nervously curled up against his legs. He finally opened his life to a pet again and experienced unconditional love every single day.




I am a freelance writer and an aspiring fiction writer.

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Ruby Thomas

Ruby Thomas

I am a freelance writer and an aspiring fiction writer.

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