Ruby Thomas

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Some say one is merely born with it,

While some eagerly pursue it,

Defining it is still puzzling for some,

Believing you are lucky is a great start,

But a coupling called perseverance and belief help create,

This amazing entity called your luck.



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Being cooped up at home was never fun,

Reining in was the need of the hour,

A creep called boredom was lurking around,

Meeting you online was the saving grace,

Frozen screens and faulty speeds were no spoilsport,

We matched at a different level,

Friendship soon turned into true love,

Long distance was a dampener,

We stayed strong and made it work,

Thus our love still stands strong,

And the coffee on our virtual dates.



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Said your Goodbyes for the day,

Can’t hardly fathom that it would be your last,

A moment is all it took that shook us to our core,

The sheer gleeful sound of our last laugh together still echoes,

Fond memories catch up soon,

A barrage of emotions takes over,

Happy memories and the void you left,

Misty eyes can hardly contain the grief,

At times too much to bear,

But memories ease the pain with each passing day,

Thus you still stay with us forever and ever.



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Her weirdness always made her feel cocooned,

Never felt part of any crowd,

Until she found the yin to her yang,

Learnt to celebrate her weirdness with aplomb from him,

Being herself felt like a celebration every day with him.



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A bumpy ride called life waits,

Hop on and hold on tight,

The road ahead could get all dark and grim,

No smooth sailing along the way at times.

Dead ends put a dampener to the spirit,

The will feels too weak to move ahead,

Through the crevices of gloom,

A minuscule light shines bright.

The light has been trying hard,

To get in and show the way,

Disguised as hope all along,

Made believe this too shall pass.



Ruby Thomas

Ruby Thomas

I am a freelance writer and an aspiring fiction writer.